Our Mission

Our mission is to Optimize Sales Productivity.

Acuity3D® (Data-Driven Decisions) enables B2B sales teams to Realize the Upside®  — to optimize Sales results using adaptive neural network process management technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Simply, at scale.

Before starting Acuity, we spent 10 years leading sales teams at GE.  While there were some successes, we concluded that it was too time-consuming and manual to perform advanced modeling and then to apply insights via manual, inconsistent processes to improve sales results.  Much of the upside opportunity could not be realized and scalability was limited.

We knew we could do better.

Frustrated, we researched tools and interviewed experienced technology industry analysts:

“What application can we buy to discover and apply insights to guide sales teams?”

We could not find any “smart solutions” and analysts said:

“There are business intelligence charting tools to visualize results, sales engagement tools to automate repetitive tasks and statistical modeling tools for high-end analysts to find insights… but no way for sales managers to apply analytical insights in real time to coach and continuously improve human behavior processes.”

Bingo.  That maddening reality… is a generational opportunity!

And there’s a lot to be done.  The Internet, marketing automation and social media create 100x the information, flowing 100x faster than it did just a short time ago.  This creates overwhelming complexity, and sales teams struggle to keep up:

  • Out-of-control (inconsistent … non-existent) processes are inefficient – costing companies $Millions, even $Billions.
  • Sales teams rely on guesswork and questionable best practices because analytical insights are too hard to obtain and can’t be applied in real time at key interaction points with prospects and customers.
  • Processes break down because brittle automation expects people to behave like robots (cannot… should not!) and does not adapt to new information or variations in human behaviors.
  • Chaotic, invisible processes create low quality behavioral data, which prevents meaningful analysis, insights and improvement.
  • Blind automation and spammy email cadences create a sugar high of “speed” but create backlash that damages the sales profession.
  • Software is stuck in “set-it-and-forget-it” mode, unable to learn and adapt based on analytical insights.

But this is the AI Era…

If handheld devices can map the shortest route to the airport during rush hour (and adapt to changes in traffic patterns in real time), and blurry images can be recognized and acted upon to save lives in healthcare, transportation and security, why can’t sales processes be improved – dramatically – using adaptive process management technologies and AI?

They can, with Acuity3D®.  Productivity increases of 20 – 80%… and more… are proving to be attainable using advanced analytics and self-learning processes.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

Thank you,


Oliver and Harry


Trillions of dollars of forecasted business value from AI by 2022

Source: Gartner Group


Annual inside sales rep actions (50 calls / 50 emails per day)


Numer of AI projects that fail to accurately model operations

Source: Forrester Research


  • Oliver Churchill Founder & CEO

    Oliver sets the vision and strategy at Acuity. He has more than 20 years of experience leading teams to innovate, collaborate, execute and grow… Read More>>

  • Harry Ma, Ph.D. Founder & Chief Scientist

    Harry leads analytics, statistical modeling and related product strategy at Acuity. He has 20 years of experience and advanced training in data analytics… Read More>>

  • Adam Lewis Founder & CTO

    Adam leads product architecture, data and predictive model integration, and software development at Acuity. He has extensive experience building analytical… Read More>>

  • Henry Ancona Advisor

    Henry Ancona serves as a board member/chair, executive advisor, and investor. Henry has served on the Board of Directors of both private and public technology companies… Read More>>

  • Ed Funaro Advisor

    Ed Funaro has led and grown successful technology services firms for more than 30 years, working with global clients to formulate strategies and implement large, complex, business-critical systems… Read More>>

  • Manu Mathew Advisor

    Manu Mathew is a serial entrepreneur and longtime data marketing executive.  Most recently, Manu was the co-founder and CEO of Visual IQ, where he envisioned solutions… Read More>>

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