Our mission is to help businesses like yours to Realize the Upside®, by empowering customer-facing teams with sales and service applications that are smarter, more efficient and easier to use.
Why?  Thanks to the Internet, 100x the information flows 100x faster than it did just a short time ago.  Marketing automation is inherently scalable, given its 1-to-many approach.  But 1-to-1 communication in sales and service is not as scalable, and people are struggling to keep up.
  • Manual, out-of-control processes waste time and cause manager, rep and customer frustration – costing companies $Millions, or even $Billions.
  • Analytical insights are too hard to obtain/maintain and can’t be applied at key interaction points with customers, so people resort to guesswork.
  • Brittle automation can’t adapt to real time events or the complexities of human behaviors – so important business processes slow down or stop.
  • Since processes are chaotic, transparency and data quality suffer, which compounds the problem – making it even harder to coach teams and improve productivity using data-driven insights.

If handheld devices can map the shortest route to the airport during rush hour (and adapt to changes in traffic patterns in real time), and blurry images can be recognized and acted upon to save lives in healthcare, transportation and security, why can’t fast-moving sales and service results be improved – dramatically – using adaptive process management technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

They can, with Acuity3D® (Data-Driven Decisions), our smart decision platform.  Its analytical database, statistical modeling engine and flexible/robust process management network streamline the pathway to better results.  At scale.  Simply.  In a matter of weeks.

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

Thank you,


Oliver and Harry


Oliver Churchill

Founder & CEO

Oliver sets the vision and strategy at Acuity. He has more than 20 years of experience leading teams to innovate, collaborate, execute and grow.

Before starting Acuity, he spent 10 years in front line sales and sales leadership roles at General Electric, coaching sales teams, building customer relationships and exceeding sales goals.

As Senior Vice President of Commercial Excellence, his team applied Six Sigma methodologies to sales, creating data-driven go-to-market strategies, statistical modeling capabilities and insights to drive sales growth for 1,000 salespeople across 10 divisions.

Before GE, he spent 5 years leading product marketing at Primix Solutions, the first ERP-to-Web application tools company, which had its IPO in 1996 and was later sold to OpenText.

Oliver obtained a BA in History and Environmental Studies from Yale and an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from The Wharton School.

Harry Ma, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Scientist

Harry leads analytics, statistical modeling and related product strategy at Acuity. He has 20 years of experience and advanced training in data analytics.

As the former Director of Sales Modeling for GE Equipment Finance and before that the Commercial Analytics Leader at GE Capital Americas, he applied deep technical and practical experience to build predictive models and decision support systems for pipeline conversion forecasting, account prioritization, territory planning, sales rep performance benchmarking, market demand forecasting and customer retention.

While at GE’s Global Research Center he worked as the Statistical Leader in many high impact projects across different industries and disciplines ranging from building a world-class analytical tool that managed capital reserve allocation for GE Capital’s $500B global credit portfolio to viral marketing for television shows and movies at NBC/Universal.

Harry holds BS and MS degrees in Manufacturing Engineering from Tsinghua University and a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Adam Lewis

VP of Engineering

Adam leads product architecture, data and predictive model integration, and software development at Acuity. He has extensive experience building analytical and scientific modeling applications for mid-market and Fortune 1000 clients in diverse industries such as financial services, travel, high tech and consumer services.

As the former Principal Software Architect for Opera Solutions, he led development for Opera’s Signal Hub technologies for advanced predictive modeling and statistical analysis of Big Data. Adam also designed missile defense simulation technologies at MIT Lincoln Lab.

He holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Tufts University.

Paul Myerson

SVP of Business Development

Paul leads direct and partner sales at Acuity. He has more than 25 years of experience selling and leading software and high tech sales teams, including extensive experience using CRM systems, data and analytics to increase sales.

It was his first hand experience with the pain points tied to sales analytics and data-driven sales management that led him to join Acuity – to provide an innovative solution to a complex problem.

Prior to Acuity, Paul spent eight years as a member of the executive team and VP of Client Relations and Programs at ESG, a high tech consulting and analyst firm. Before joining ESG, he founded and led his own sales channel consulting and training firm.

Paul joined EMC in 1985 as employee #56, when EMC was a $17M early stage company. During 12 years at EMC, he was instrumental in growing the company into a worldwide enterprise technology leader. He held various leadership positions in sales and general management, channels and OEM partnership development during a period of explosive growth

Paul holds a B.S. degree in Finance from the University of Rhode Island.

Henry Ancona

Advisor, Strategy

Henry Ancona serves as board member/chair, executive advisor, and investor.

Henry has served on the Board of Directors of both private and public technology companies, helping several to successful M&A transactions.  He currently serves as Board Chairman at Medisafe, and Board member at BlueConic and at Verne Global.  Past private boards include Signiant, Qumas (acquired), EZPrints (acquired), Active Endpoints (acquired), and Sentillion (acquired). Past publicly traded boards include Pegasystems, Computervision (acquired), and OneSource Information Services (acquired).

As Executive Advisor, Henry teams with CEOs and Boards on a broad range of issues to achieve growth and profitability.  His clients include companies in health care, B-to-B software, software-enabled B-to-C businesses, and other businesses.

Henry brings strategic, operational and leadership development experience to his advisory and board service.  He was President of Pegasystems (Nasdaq: Pega), a rules-based business process management software company, and Chairman and CEO of Evidian, a security software company which he founded.  Earlier, Henry held senior management positions both in Europe and North America at Digital Equipment (HP).

Henry is an active investor with a portfolio in sectors including software-enabled businesses, software, and applications.  He is a venture partner and past Board member at Converge Venture Partners, an early stage venture investment group.

Henry holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and BS and MS degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.