How does Acuity3D®…?

Acuity3D® implements Manager-defined plans to guide the types and quantities of actions Reps perform, prioritized by Artificial Intelligence (AI) conversion probability models. Its Digital Process Network (DPN) proactively guides rep behaviors through multi-touch engagement methodologies, responding dynamically to rep behaviors and events (e.g., prospect or customer behaviors, external factors, time passing).  This responsive capability prevents process stoppages and slowdowns common with linear process/cadence management solutions, and adapts to ongoing changes. Acuity3D® selects and recommends Next Best Actions ranked by conversion probability, based on Manager-defined work capacity and objectives. For example, objectives could include qualifying a lead, setting an appointment, closing a case and/or retaining or up-selling a customer. Proactive, AI-driven identification and recommendation of “what’s on the to-do list” ensures that manager-defined processes are actually followed and that reps spend their precious time on the highest value actions. In the screen shot below, a 5th touch (green circle icon), consisting of a call and an email, is recommended.  This is the last touch in the sales process, as shown by the checkered flag… the finish line!

To simplify the complexity of managing 100’s and 1000’s of leads through multi-touch processes, Acuity3D® provides numbered status icons and flags and a visual process timeline to guide rep time allocation decisions. Some examples: Green #2 Icon: Do touch #2 now.  A touch can be a single action, such as a call, or multiple actions, such as a call, email, data collection (e.g., answer qualifying questions) and more. Purple #3 Icon: Touch #3 is done.  No action required now.  Will be recommended again in the future for touch #4, the timing of which is shown on the timeline. Blue Icon: Signifies successful stage conversion, such as when an MQL is converted to an SAL or an appointment is scheduled with a lead. Black Icon: Completed, including won, lost, archived, rejected and disqualified. Hourglass Flag: A touch is due to expire soon. Yellow Star: The first work item for a new element, such as the first touch for a new lead. Checkered Flag: This is the last touch in a process.  After this touch, the process will end or expire. The purpose of these indicators, in combination with the visual timeline, is to provide process context, so reps know where they are, what’s happened so far, what’s due now, and what comes next.  They help reps to answer the question, “What should I do now, and why?” which saves time and focuses it on high-value behaviors.

Acuity3D® automates the scoring of leads, opportunities, accounts and cases using statistical models, including decision trees, multiple regression and artificial intelligence. Models are compared to determine the “winner”, the most accurate and consistent method, which is back-tested to calibrate its predictive power. Models are applied to ongoing processes to prioritize Next Best Actions, and are updated (re-built and re-calibrated) as new data becomes available on a monthly or quarterly basis. Customers receive a visualization of their model, which shows the relative strength of attributes correlated with “success” – usually a type of stage conversion.  Since each customer has a different business process that generates a unique data set, each model is unique to the customer use case. In addition to being used to rank sales behaviors, model-based insights can be applied to help marketing teams focus investments on higher probability prospects and customers, and to guide sales managers in defining more efficient processes. Note: Data quality plays an important role in the accuracy of models.  Many sales teams enrich incoming leads with external data to add additional attributes, such as industry, revenues, #employees and other firmographics, so the identity of the lead is more fully understood.  Upstream behavioral data (clicks, opens, responses) and downstream, post-customer behavioral data (product usage, repeat buying) also add value to modeling. There is no such thing as perfection in data quality!  A significant sample is all that is required, which could be as low as 10% – 20% completion for a few thousand rows of data.  This would not pass muster in Finance (10% of expenses, revenues or the forecast… not useful), but in statistical modeling, less than perfect data can still be very useful for creating meaningful scores/ranks/insights. Running a consistent process generates data that enables transparency about how the business process really works, and process improvement.  Acuity3D® creates clean process data specifically for this purpose.

The Acuity3D® Digital Process Network (DPN) tracks selling actions for alignment with the defined process.  The DPN knows when a process started, when actions were recommended and which ones were done correctly, and when the process should end.  This data is available to measure process compliance, and to evaluate and improve process efficiency.

Clicking a phone icon/button in Acuity3D® launches any dialer that supports the CTI integration protocol, including the dialer,, Dialsource, RingDNA, Five9 – and more than 20 others.  Dialers are an efficient way to place calls and leave voicemails, and to track call activity as tasks.  The Acuity3D® Digital Process Network (DPN) orchestrates calling activity through multi-touch cadences and prioritizes Next Best Actions by conversion probability.  It helps reps to work smarter and faster.

Acuity3D® manages and automates the full email lifecycle, from composing and applying templates, to tracking related events (send, receive, bounce, view, open), including email responses, directly in the Acuity3D® application interface within  It is not necessary to toggle between email applications such as Gmail and Exchange and since all correspondence can be managed in once place, withinAcuity3D®/Salesforce.

Acuity3D® is a certified AppExchange Partner product, meaning its integration method (direct, realtime API connection) and security protocols have been reviewed and approved by Salesforce.  The Acuity3D® application is seamlessly integrated into without a separate login.  All Salesforce data is available, including standard and custom fields, and Acuity3D® actions create and log Salesforce tasks.

Acuity3D® leverages data from, including standard and custom objects, and any external systems and data sources integrated with, such as marketing automation and ERP platforms and external data providers such as D&B, DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo/Datanyze, LeadIQ, Bombora and many others. Acuity3D® integrates directly with Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. Systems and data sources not integrated with Salesforce can be accessed at extra charge through Custom installations.

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