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Note: Professional includes custom ranking and process improvement models.



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Feature STNDStandard PROProfessional CSTMCustom
Guide and balance selling behaviors to align Rep actions with Manager strategy
Proactive Next Best Action recommendations to guide Reps through multi-touch processes:

  • Outbound Prospecting
  • Inbound Qualification
  • Customer Engagement
  • Multiple Campaigns
Manager View for Mid-Process Monitoring and team/individual Process Compliance
Configured card system for navigation, workflows and information drilling
Sales process visual timeline
Salesforce-integrated telephony (optional):

  • Click-to-dial
  • Voicemail drop
  • Call recording and playback
  • Auto task logging
  • Local presence
  • Manager listen-in and real-time coaching
  • Text/SMS messaging
  • [Dialer services and minutes priced separately]
Email cadence automation
Salesforce email template integration for content management
Integration with Google/Microsoft email to compose, receive and reply in a single pane, within Salesforce
Salesforce API real-time data synchronization (Salesforce security reviewed/approved)
Deployment within Salesforce Classic or Lightning
Sales Process Lifecycle Management Services:

  • Proactive Account Selection/Recommendation
  • Multi-Process Balancing
  • Dynamic Capacity Management
  • Automated Archive/Revisit Lifecycle Management
  • Marketing Automation Integration
Custom, Multi-Dimensional AI Models to rank Accounts and Contacts based on likelihood to:

  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Become a Qualified Opportunity
  • Become a Customer
  • Grow… Become a Larger Customer
  • Be Retained… Stay a Customer
AI-based sales process improvement and quarterly recommendations to increase productivity:

  • Touch sequence
  • Duration
  • Frequency
  • Email content
  • Qualifying questions
Custom-configured Digital Process Network (DPN) for specialized use cases
Integrations with external or non-standard systems and/or data sources

Configuration and sales process definition consulting services charges may apply, and depend on the scope of the business need.

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