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Automate multi-touch processes with Next Best Actions.



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Rank Next Best Actions by conversion probability.



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Add capabilities for a specialized enterprise application.


Proactive Next Best Action recommendations for key processes, such as:

  • Prospecting
  • Hot Leads
  • Qualification
  • Up-Sell
  • Campaigns

Configured card system for navigation, workflows and detailed information drilling

Sales process visual timeline

Integration with standard CTI/ dialers

Email cadence automation

Email template management

NEW: Bi-directional email integration (Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and in-app compose and receipt management.

Salesforce API real time data synchronization

Deployment within Salesforce Classic or Lightning interface

Artificial Intelligence (AI) modeling to rank recommended work items by conversion probability, including:

  • Model Development
  • Significant Factor Visualizations
  • Accuracy Calibration and Goodness Rating
  • Real Time Deployment
  • Quarterly Model Re-training and Re-calibration

AI models for multiple pipeline conversion points, such as lead, opportunity or account:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualification
  • Closing
  • Up-sell
  • Retention

Custom-configured Digital Process Network (DPN) for specialized use cases

Integrations with external or non-standard systems and/or data sources

*Actual price depends on degree of customization.