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Recommends Rep Next Best Actions 

Smart Sales Processes

Acuity3D® recommends Rep Next Best Actions aligned to the Manager’s strategy, the Rep’s capacity and sales stage conversion probability.

So what’s supposed to happen… does!  And Rep time is invested in the most valuable selling behaviors.

Adaptive, smart processes prevent Reps from being overloaded, never break down, and respond to new information in real time.

It LEARNS how to increase efficiency, continuously.

Solve Process Complexity:

  • Ensure the right Rep actions at the right times
  • Automate and balance multi-touch selling process lifecycles
  • Simplify 1000’s of time allocation decisions
  • Prevent task abandonment and process breakdowns
  • Rank tasks by sales stage conversion probability
  • Drive process consistency and scalability

Selects Next Best Actions for the Rep 

Direct Salesforce Integration

Acuity3D® seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, inline with the Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity tabs.

Easy navigation (no toggling) and real time API-level data synchronization maximize CRM platform investments.

Acuity is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, certified on stringent data security and integration standards since 2014.

Maximizes Investments in the World’s #1 CRM Platform:

  • All selling and managing occurs within Salesforce
  • Real-time, secure, high-volume data synchronization
  • Tasks automatically captured; Stage definitions integrated
  • Populates existing Salesforce reports/dashboards
  • Support for all standard and custom Salesforce objects

Next Best Action tab in Salesforce

Visual context for recommended Next Best Actions

Simple, Visual Workflows

Acuity3D® uses a visual timeline and highlighted action icons to provide context and make NBA guidance immediately actionable.

Easy navigation across call, email, qualification and stage conversion workflows drives selling efficiency.

Intuitive User Experience:

  • Simple navigation saves Reps time
  • Increases CRM engagement and data quality
  • Icons, summaries and flags clarify what to do, when and why
  • Dynamic card system minimizes clicks and scrolling

Visual guidance and context

Comprehensive Sales Process Reporting

Acuity3D® creates visibility into metrics and KPIs at the Team, Rep, Account, and Source/Campaign level.

Increased Transparency and Accountability:

  • Pipeline inflows and size
  • Call and email activity levels
  • Process compliance
  • Stage conversion (win/loss) results
  • Effort-to-Outcome efficiency

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