Help Managers to guide Reps through multi-touch processes?


Acuity3D® implements Manager-defined plans to guide the types and quantities of selling actions Reps perform, prioritized by sales stage conversion probability.

Its Digital Process Network (DPN) proactively guides rep behaviors through multi-touch engagement methodologies, responding dynamically to rep behaviors and events (e.g., prospect or customer behaviors, external factors, time passing).  The capability to react to mid-process events prevents process stoppages and slowdowns common with linear process/cadence management solutions.

Acuity3D® selects and recommends Next Best Actions based on Manager-defined work capacity and objectives, such as:

  • qualifying a lead
  • setting an appointment
  • retaining or up-selling a customer

Proactive identification and recommendation of “what’s on the to-do list” ensures that manager-defined processes are actually followed and that reps spend their precious time on the highest value actions.

In the screen shot below, a 5th touch (green circle icon), consisting of a call and an email, is recommended.  This is the last touch in the sales process, as shown by the checkered flag.

Notice that the 3rd and 4th touches were missed/skipped.  While missing process steps is not ideal, avoiding slowdowns and clogs is imperative to maintain a flowing pipeline.  Otherwise, tasks pile up and processes come to a grinding halt.  (Salesforce administrators are all too familiar with periodic clean-ups and purges.)  Processes should adapt to realistic, human behaviors, which are imperfect…. non-robotic.  Acuity3D adapts to human behaviors to ensure that processes march forward and the pipeline flows, continuously.

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